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Chizuko Yoshida composed Japanese songs and oboe pieces.
She lived in Nagoya city, Japan.

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COMPOSITIONS Chizuko Yoshida
Japanese songs
29 pieces@{@11 piecesiposthumous workj
19 pieces@{ @ 5 piecesiposthumous workj
SUITE Plum-Blossom Viewing Banquet
7 Japanese songs (solos & mixed choruses)
  The poems (words of song) were composed on an early spring day in the year of 730 in Japan. Viewing plum blossoms and drinking liquor, the guests and the host of this banquet composed the poems.
  Duet for Oboe & Piano
Duet for Oboe & Bassoon
[Chizuko Yoshida]CONCERT April 26,2014 Vienna,Austria
@1916 Born in Nagoya city, Japan.
@1973 The first performance (concert) is held in Tokyo.
(16 solos, 5 choruses and the suite)
@1991 Solo gSAZANKAh is performed in Belgium.
@1994 Solos gKANEh and gMONO-OMOIh are performed in Ukraine.
Singer: Zabilyasta Lidiya (soprano)
@1995 Musical Scores are published. (38 songs)
@2002 Musical Scores and CDs are registered in gArchive of Women in Musich in Frankfurt, Germany. (Archiv Frau und Musik)
@2007 Solos gNUMABERIh, gKUSANO-IONIh, gKANEh and gMONO-OMOIh are performed in Ukraine.
@2010 All works are compiled as gCompositions of CHIZUKO YOSHIDAh.
 SCOREF  3 books (Words of songs are written in Roman letters.)
 SUPPLEMENTS*F  1 book (written in both Japanese & English)
* index, meaning of songs,explanation of the suite, etc.
 COMPACT DISCF  1 set (= 3 recording discs)
These“Scores & Compact Discs”were distributed to music colleges in 50 countries.
@2013 Chizuko Yoshida died at the age of 97.
@2014 Kanako Hayashi(soprano) sang 14 songs in Wien, Austria. @
  @Click “CONCERT in Europe” , then you can see the concert program.
@2017 “Compositions of CHIZUKO YOSHIDAs posthumous works tg
( score book & compact disc )
@ Akane Toshi (mezzo-soprano) sang 4 songs in Italy. @
@2018 Monika Kastanova (soprano) sang 4 songs in Czech.
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